Pluri-sculptor II

This present work, created by Pamplona-born artist Paco Polán, comprises two pieces which run along either side of the river bank, to create two trapezoidal units, parallel to the bridge. These units are formed by a series of rectangular based, identical modules, which are progressively assembled, one to another. In relief, these tiles display a series of geometric forms which are constructed by the revolution, translation or rotation of conical curves: ellipses, parabolas, circumferences and hyperbolas. The ellipses are the curves which have been related to astronomy since times of old and govern the movement of the planets around the sun. These conical curves shape the entire firmament represented or suggested in the two units that can be observed on either side of the river Elorz, like a reflection of the starry sky along the river bank. This work falls within the geometric abstraction style, in which there is a predominance of pure forms and perfect finishes. This sculpture-based artist, Paco Polán, has studied different techniques and experimented with a range of materials on an on-going basis, leading him to develop a style somewhere between conceptual and aesthetic art, a style in which he has moved over these years of work. He has progressed from utilizing classic sculptural materials to working with everyday, decontextualized objects, which he has made the protagonists of a work which mixes concepts and aesthetics, prose and poetry. He has shown no hesitation in displaying a liking for ordinary materials, not used in conventional sculpture, and which provide texture, colour and reference to a work which shows an underlying, generally ironic message. This author shows an interest in plasticity and aesthetics, yet without brushing aside the underlying concept, an order in the organisation of the elements, a reason for using certain materials and forms, and a choice of the most adequate technique.

José María Muruzábal