Homage to Sáenz de Oiza. Division of space by two opposing dihedrals

This monumental piece by Jorge Oteiza was the first sculptural work to be located on the Public University of Navarre campus. It displays a simple structure having a metal base and three verticalparts, all in different planes and positions. The rest of the sculpture is the empty space, the nothingness, this obsession pursued by Oteiza throughout his productive career as a sculptor. The work is in homage to architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza (Cáseda, Navarre, 1918 - Madrid 2000), a personal friend of the sculptor and the designer of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Arantzazu, where Oteiza left what is perhaps his most immortal work. Sánez de Oiza himself designed the buildings and campus of the Public University of Navarre and, as a posthumous work, the exceptional building of the Jorge de Oteiza Foundation Museum in Alzuza, Navarre. The sculpture by Jorge Oteiza and located on the campus originates from a small model created in 1959 and entitled Two opposing dihedrals.After reaching the active nothingness of the Empty Boxes, it was now a matter of dividing this nothingness, of opening up the box still further. The final result of this de-occupation of space is a base and a few vertical or oblique structures. The original work is held at the Jorge Oteiza Foundation Museum and is dated 1959.

José María Muruzábal