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The sculpture by Dora Salazar, entitled Icarus, depicts the character from Greek mythology who attempted to escape from the labyrinth on the isle of Crete by using wings made from wax and feathers, however he then fell into the Icarian sea when the heat from the sun melted the wax. This work in copper wire, weighing some 10 kilos, represents a human figure with wings, flying. The composition is lightweight, displays great dynamism, agility and is a fine example of the great plastic and design capability of this authoress from Alsasua, Navarre. The work is also extremely well located, hanging from the roof of the building and taking full advantage of the light coming in from above. Dora Salazar enjoys working with metals.

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Public University of Navarre



Dora Salazar, 2002

Copper wire.

Figure: 450 x 300 x 150 cm.


Installation: 2004. Rector"s office building hall.

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