Homenaje a Martín de Azpilicueta. Imagen 1.
Homenaje a Martín de Azpilicueta. Imagen 2.Homenaje a Martín de Azpilicueta. Imagen 3.

This sculpture is in homage to the legal advisor and theologist, Martín de Aziplicueta (Barásoain [Navarre] 1492-Rome 1586), popularly known as Doctor Navarro. He was a rich man who opposed the incorporation of Navarre into Castile. After taking holy orders as a canon regular of the Order of St Agustin in Roncesvalles, Navarre, in 1533 he was appointed professor at the University of Salamanca. This highly conceptual work takes on a vertical direction, with a closed and compact space broken by the series of gaps and voids it contains. A sculpture of contrasts between the materials, cement and steel, the colours, white cement and the red hues of steel, and between the spaces, some closed, others open, leaving the gap, the void. In short, a sculpture which aims to provoke the beholder intoquestioning its meaning and its actual forms.

José María Muruzábal

La proa de la poesía de Ricardo UgarteArgi, izpia eta oreka. Un punto de luz en equilibrio, de José Ramón Anda.
The route

Public University of Navarre


Doctor Navarro. Homage to Martín de Azpilicueta.

Néstor Basterretxea, 2003

Corten steel and concrete

300 x 330 x 140 cm. Pedestal: 40 x335 x 180 cm.


Installation: 2003. University campus.

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