La proa de la poesía. Imagen 1.
La proa de la poesía. Imagen 2.La proa de la poesía. Imagen 2.

A geometrically abstract sculpture, of great verticality, comprising a raised pyramid or ship"s prow, as indicated in the title. Of particular note is the play of the material with the cavities set at different heights and places in the work. This present sculpture by Ricardo Ugarte is perfectly in line with his plastic style. It is a constructivist piece of work, displaying geometric abstraction, smooth and simple forms. A hieratic, serious and questioning structure of great verticality, from which a certain spirituality emanates, constructed in line with the Basque style of sculpture, yet with the characteristic stamp of Ricardo Ugarte. A sculpture that has been perfectly designed and executed, conceived by an artist who takes his sculptures towards the very essence of synthesis, in order to express his innermost world with an increasingly fewer number of elements. The works created by Ricardo Ugarte are loaded with symbolism.

José María Muruzábal

Esfera partida de Faustino AizkorbeDoctor Navarro. Homenaje a Martín de Azpilicueta, de Néstor Basterretxea.
The route

Public University of Navarre


The prow of poetry. Homage to Joan Brossa.

Ricardo Ugarte, 1999

Corten steel.

Sculpture: 500 x 162 x 156cm.


Installation: 1999. University Campus.

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