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The authoress of this work, Henriette Boutens, although Belgian born, has lived in her adopted city of Pamplona since 1971. The sculpture is located at the University campus on a low, dark marble base and comprises two stylised figures in a brotherly stance. The figures are constructed with ample volumes and display a highly synthetic profile. They have absolutely no identifying features and display but the minimum elements required to show that this is a figurative work. From the mid sixties until the eighties, onwards, the work of Henriette Boutens was halfway between figuration and abstraction. From then onwards she centred her sculptural creations on figurative expressionism, based on feelings and on the world of her innermost experiences. Her work always has recourse to curved linesand form stylization, with emphasis on certain parts.

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Public University of Navarre


Empathy II

Henriette Boutens, 1997

Patinated bronze.

Sculpture: 147 x 50 x 37 cm.


Installation: 1997. University campus.

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