Obra Sin titulo de Faustino Aizkorbe
Escultura Sin título de Faustino Aizkorba. Imagen 2.

This sculpture is split at its base and opens upwards in a circular fashion. This is a theme which is systematically repeated by this Navarre-born author; closed geometrical shapes which open up, break and rupture, seeking new spaces. The sculpture volumes transmit a certain sensation of heaviness, but this is lightened by the sense of rising which is achieved. When the Court of Justice moved to the district of San Juan in Pamplona, it was housed in a building designed by architects Ángel Farinós Said and Manuel Sagastume Ruiz. In the construction project it was decided to give the building and the area surrounding the Palace of Justice some type of adornment. This materialised in the sculpture by Faustino Aizkorbe and in the reliefs by José Ramón Anda, which are detailed below.

José María Muruzábal

Acompañamiento de Faustino AizkorbeSin título de José Ramón Anda
The route

District of San Juan


No title

Faustino Aizkorbe, 1996

Corten steel

340 x 250 x 250 cm.


Installation: 1996. Court building, crossroads between the streets of San Roque and Monasterio de Irache.