Estela de Marte. Imagen 1.
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This sculpture by Gabino and which is on display at the Citadel, stands out as looking like a robotic totem pole from contemporary times. This sculpture comprises an internal structure with an external covering of stainless steel plating and oxidized iron rivets. It was created with the original technique so characteristic of Amadeo Gaino, that of metal plate collage, and which the author used on his sculptures in the sixties and seventies. The steel plates act like mirrors which produce different optical and lighting effects, as the spectator moves around the sculpture. Stela from Mars, like the otherworks by Gabino at that time, such as Spatial bow (1966), Lunar armour (1966), Spatial vibration (1974) and Stela from Saturn (1975), and so on, reflect his interest in creating an abstract sculpture that conforms to the spirit of the new scientific and technological age. In the late seventies, Amadeo Gabino defined this characteristic style, within constructivism, by using a very personal technique defined as collage, creating compositions by overlapping burnished, gold or platinum plated metal in geometric order. This sculpture was acquired by the City Council of Pamplona to add to its collection of contemporary art. Subsequently, with the idea of locating some sculptures in places where they could be viewed by the public, this present work by Amadeo Gabino was installed in the Arms Room at the Citadel.

José María Muruzabal

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The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


Stela from Mars

Amadeo Gabino, 1975.

Iron, foundry elements, steel.

300 x 50 x 50 cm.


Installation: 1998. Location: Ciudadela (Citadel), Arms Room,1st floor.

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