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Cruz. Detalle del forjado.

Created by Constantino Manzana, an artist specialising in wrought iron and metals, this monumental cross is located in the centre of the square, set amidst a small pond, surrounded by gardens. The work is anchored on a base of stones, which supports a highly decorated column, wrapped around which is the figure of an enormous dragon, the symbol of evil and which, according to some, the author identified with Manuel Azaña, who was President of the Government at that time. On top of the column majestically stands a spectacular Baroque style cross. At the centre of the cross, on one side there is the face of Christ, dying, whilst the other side contains symbols of the passion. The works of Constantino Manzana are always highly decorative with hints of Catalan Modernism, probably cquired during his period of training in Barcelona. A deeply religious man, with a very strong personality, he created this statue in protest against a Law established by Azaña, at the height of the Second Republic in Spain.

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Constantino Manzana, 1932

Wrought iron on a pyramid stone base

400 cm approx.


Installation: 1941. Plaza de la Cruz square.