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Monumento al Encierro. Vista de detalle 1.
Monumento al Encierro. Vista general.Monumento al Encierro. Vista de detalle 2.

This sculptural ensemble comprises nineteen figures -six bulls inspired in the Victorino Martín brand of bulls, three steers and ten runners- which immortalize, in patinated bronze, a moment in the bull running in the section along the street of Estafeta. Weighing more than ten tonnes, the sculpture rests on a reinforced concrete platform, covered in the same paving as that used on the avenue of Carlos III. The Vizcaya-born sculptor, Rafael Huerta, conceived this work as homage to his adoptive land of Navarre. The sculpture project was conducted in two phases. The monument was first unveiled on the 6th July 1994, when it was located just a few metres away from the Bull Ring, at the junction of the avenues of Roncesvalles and Carlos III. This initial sculptural group in bronze was limited to two runners waving a rolled-up newspaper at a stray bull in their endeavour to lead it away. A decade later, in February 2004, this sculptor from Bilbao was commissioned by the City Council of Pamplona to complete the ensemble. The second unveiling took place on 21st April 2007, as part of the events and festivities organised on the occasion of the opening of the new pedestrian section of the Carlos III avenue, between the square of Las Merindades and Cortes de Navarra street.

José Javier Azanza

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Ensanches and Media Luna Park


Monument to the Running of the Bulls

Rafael Huerta, 2007


Patinated bronze on a platform of granite and reinforced concrete.

1,100 x 400 cm.


Installation (unveiling): 21st April 2007.

Junction of the avenues of: Avenida de Roncesvalles and avenida de Carlos III