Escultura El Sueño. Detalle.
Escultura El Sueño. General.Escultura El sueño. Detalle 2.

This work in bronze shows a nude woman, carved in the naturalist style, lying on a bed. In this sculpture, entitled The Dream, Rafael Huerta has created a realistic work, paying careful attention to each and every detail. In 1990, the Pamplona City Council, at the request of the City Services Department, commissioned a set of monuments directed at awakening the public"s interest in art and at ecorating some of the areas of Pamplona. The items acquired went on show at the «Art Spaces» exhibition, inaugurated on 13th February 1990 within the events organised by the Council to commemorate the 6thCentenary of the Coronation of Charles III the Noble. The exhibition held at the Exhibition Room at nº 40 Zapatería street, comprised six sculptures by six different artists, the majority of which were from Navarre. After the event, the creations were installed in different places around the city: In the green area around the Citadel (Vuelta del Castillo) and in the Citadel itself: Jesús Elizaincín (Towards the fragile), Jesús Alberto Eslava (The hug), Alfredo Sada (The cypress woman), and Alberto Orella (Dialogue between six); in the Antoniutti Park, José Antonio Eslava (Europe) and, finally, Rafael Huerta(The Dream).

José Javier Azanza

Inmaculada Concepción de María de Manuel Álvarez-LaviadaSan Francisco de Asís de Ramón Arcaya
The route

Old City Centre


The dream

Rafael Huerta, 1990


21 x 45 x 105 cm. Allegory.

Installation: 1990 (Citadel of Pamplona).

Current location: Patio of the Giants, of Calle Descalzos 72 street.