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Paret y Alcázar, Luis

Born in Madrid, in 1746. Trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid alongside Antonio González Velázquez, Paret was a multifaceted artist who, thanks to the patronage of Luis Antonio Jaime of Spain, had the chance to stay in Rome for three years. A painter in the style galante of French Rococo, he worked for King Charles IV of Spain on several decoration projects and easel paintings, some of the most important of these being those he painted at the end of the 1780s as part of a series on the ports of the Bay of Biscay. Gifted with a fine sense of colour and an academic command of drawing, albeit confined to sketches and dissipated by the free-flowing brushstrokes of French Rococo, he painted portraits, landscapes, scenes from daily life and religious works. He was also a great pastellist, true to the French trend led by Boucher and Fragonard, painters with whom his work has been aesthetically associated. His works include the pictorial decoration in the Chapel of San Juan del Ramo in the Parish Church of Santa María in Viana, which he painted between 1785 and 1787. He died in 1799.



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