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Ortega Martínez, Félix

An artist born in Haro, La Rioja in 1956, though residing for many years Navarre. He received his artistic education in Paris and Madrid. He was lucky enough to get the chance to study for five years in Alzuza under the tutelage of Jorge Oteiza between the seventies and eighties. For the first two years he was not allowed to paint, just read, to “clear the slate”. He is a multitalented artist who has worked in painting, sculpture and engraving. Since 1979 he has held individual exhibitions in galleries across Spain, and has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Pamplona, Terressa, Madrid, Bayonne, San Sebastian and Vitoria. His most recent exhibitions, essentially painting, were held in 2002 in the pavilion of Mixtos in the Pamplona Citadel where he presented a magnificent range that documented his works; in 2006 in the Sala Pintzel in Pamplona; in 2007 in the collective exhibition “Silencios” in the Baluarte in Pamplona; commissioned by Juan Manuel Bonet and in October 2008 in the Sala de Armas in the Citadel entitled “Corazon de Tokio”. The same year he participated in the Paseo de Sarasate boulevard in Pamplona with a piece of fifteen giant violins in homage to the Pamplona-born composer and violinist, Pablo Sarasate, marking the hundred-year anniversary of his death. His work is part of the Pamplona City Council Contemporary Arts Collection in Navarre, of Artistic Heritage of the Public University of Navarre and the Collection of contemporary art of the Association of Retinitis Pigmentosa of Navarre.



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