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López Hernández, Francisco

Descended from a family of metal smiths and makers of religious images, Francisco López Hernández (Madrid, 1932) began working in the family workshop alongside his father, an engraving teacher at the School of San Fernando. In 1951 he continued his sculpture studies at the School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid - where he shadowed José Capuz - and at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando. He completed his education in Italy, where he was awarded a scholarship in 1956 from the Ministry of Education to board between 1960 and 1964 in the sculpture school in the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. His style was marked by the renaissance sculptural discoveries of Jacopo della Quercia and Donatello, and other key influences such as the Italian neo-figurative sculptors Marino Marini and Giacomo Manzú. His travels around this time, with periods spent in Greece, France, England and Germany, were decisive in his artistic growth and maturity. In 1969 he began working as a Medal teacher at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando, and in 1988 he qualified as Doctor from the Complutense University in Madrid. A member of what has become known as the “Madrid realist school”, the influence of his teaching practice on new Spanish figurative sculpture was substantial. Among the scholarships and prizes awarded throughout his professional career, are the Tomás Francisco Prieto prize in the 1st Latin American Exhibition (1958), and the Fundación Juan March Scholarship (1966). He has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions held in various European countries, the United States and Japan. His work can currently be seen in museums and collections such as the Queen Sofía National Museum, the Fundación Juan March, the British Museum in London, the Voor Schone Kunsten de Gante Museum (Belgium), the Berlin National Gallery, the New Pinacoteca in Munich, and the Kunsthalle in Hamburg. Likewise, his public sculptures decorate streets, squares and other representative urban spaces across Spain.



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