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Juaristi, Victoriano

Victoriano Juaristi Sagarzazu (San Sebastian, 1880-Pamplona, 1949) was a prestigious doctor whose humanist character led him to take an interest in other fields of knowledge, such as literature, music and visual arts, and in particular, the area of sculpture and enamelling. In 1901, following his studies in medicine from the University of Valladolid, he started to practice in Santander and later Irun, completing his studies with periods spent in different European centres. In 1919 he moved to Pamplona, where he founded the Clínica San Miguel hospital alongside doctors Arraiza and Canalejo, where he worked as the Director until his death. He also undertook work as Head of the surgical team in the Military Hospital of Navarra, and as President of the Colegio Médico de Navarra. A fine arts enthusiast, he excelled mainly in sculpture, an activity which he undertook as his main pastime. Several of his sculptures were placed in public places across Navarre, the majority produced in the 1930s, which coincided with his most active phase of work, when the Chanson de Roland (1934) in the Alto de Ibañeta was made, and the sarcophagus in honour of César Borgia (1934) for Viana. Both disappeared but traces of replicas of the latter were preserved in the San Sebastian San Telmo Museum and in the Játiva Town Hall (Valencia). He achieved an outstanding command of the enamelling technique, publishing two studies on the material, one of which was written in collaboration with Serapio Huici about the enamelled altarpieces of San Miguel de Aralar. He was also interested in painting and music, releasing two of his zarzuelas, “La batelera” and “La caserita”. Aside from his medical publications, he also wrote articles about history and art. In 1930 he was named the academic correspondent of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, and member of the Commission for Historical and Artistic Monuments of Navarra.



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