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Guide to Urban Sculpture in Pamplona

This website presents a compilation of the urban sculptures in Pamplona, seeking to update the contents of the Guide to Urban Sculpture in Pamplona published by the City Council of Pamplona in 2010. It is a visitor"s guide to some of those parks, squares and gardens within our city that are decorated with statues and sculptural works.Just like the publication, this website gives visitors the opportunity to discover the works of sculpture present in our city. The route is designed to provide an insight into our sculptural - artistic heritage, given the fact that a considerable number of these works have been created by artists from Navarre.The website establishes 17 zones in Pamplona in which it is possible to appreciate the great variety of artistic styles, materials and techniques used to create the sculptures to be found there. In each zone, visitors are offered a short tour, which is shown in the attached maps. Likewise, this website allows visitors to discover and identify the works of each sculptor and to find out more about his/her professional career through these monumental works.

This guide contains a selection of works by Spanish and international artists from the last third of the 20th century up to the present day, these works are part of the collection of Contemporary Art owned by the City Council of Pamplona. To view this guide, click on the following link: Pamplona"s Collection of Contemporary Art .