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Unidad Triple y Liviana
Unidad triple y liviana, detalleUnidad triple y liviana, detalle 2

The work retains some minimal anthropomorphic features and plays with a twisting line. The figure is the sum of three units, which the author defines as hyperboloids. The sculpture was initially installed on 29th December 1999 in the Plaza del Castillo square, right at the start of the Carlos III avenue. However, the subsequent work to construct the underground car park in that square made it necessary to provisionally withdraw the sculpture and, in June 2004, it was finally relocated further into the square. This work of art weighs some 300 kg and it was materially executed at the Fundición Capafoundry, at Arganda del Rey.

José María Muruzábal

Monumento a Carlos III, El Noble de Francisco LópezMonumento al General José Sanjurjo de Fructuoso Orduna
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Old City Centre


Triple and Lightweight Unit

Jorge Oteiza, 1950

Fire gilt Pompei bronze.

295 x 56 x 60 cm.


Installation: 1999. Plaza del Castillo square.