Human torsos (male and female)

Relief of a male trunk, viewed from the back, naked, lacking a head, arms and legs, three quarter view and contrapposto position (with a left-right compensatory movement). His chrome plated silhouette, centred on the support, stands out against the flat background made up of aluminium matte plaques. With regard to the Relief of the female frontal torso, it is shown naked, lacking a head and legs, with the arms outlined, three quarter view and contrapposto position, like her companion on the wall. Gabino establishes new forms of expression in sculpture based on industrial materials and techniques,on the borderline between art and science, and links his work to architecture, either with free-standing parts or, as in this case, with reliefs on a wall, created with a material having modern connotations. As far as assemblage is concerned, the metal plaques and rivets bring to mind, on the one hand, medieval armour, interplanetary spaceships, or the fuselage of contemporary airplanes and, on the other hand, the visual effects of optical art.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur


  • Escultor: Gabino, Amadeo
  • Aluminium and steel sheet, cut and riveted
  • Año: 1973
  • Altura: Torso masculino: 217 x 140 x 156 cm. Torso femenino: 218 x 141 x 161 cm
  • Temática: Human figurative
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 1973


  • Admissions hall at the Virgen del Camino Hospital, calle Irunlarrea 4 street

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