Male torso

This sculptural work is mounted in the middle of a fountain designed with polychrome painted materials. The design of the ensemble is the work of architect Edurne Iriarte. In the centre of the fountain, on a double, circular platform, stands the torso of a man, offering a good and careful anatomical study which is unquestionably the most salient feature of the ensemble. The human figure, which has been given a certain dynamism, lacks a head and extremities. This is a sculptural work with some highly classical roots, and a definite figurative style, but with a highly contemporary execution and installation. In short, a work which contains rhythm, movement and expressive force. This present sculptural work was promoted by the Pamplona Water Board and the City Council, together with another series of sculptural fountains which were installed in Pamplona and other district localities.

José María Muruzábal


  • Sculptor: Alcalde, Javier
  • Bronce
  • Year: 1987
  • Height: 146 x 74 x 50 cm
  • Theme: Allegory
  • Installation/inauguration: 1989


  • Parque de la Vaguada park, between the secondary school of Ermitagaña and the senior citizens" residential home