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This work with abstract profiles and a very simple structure, features a pure sculptural form, worked in iron, to create shapes and play with spaces. The installation site selected is also just right; a spacious, covered place, whose bare cement walls serve as the perfect background to highlight the sculpture, whilst there are pebbles covering the ground. This is an individual work by Leopoldo Ferrán, which is something indeed exceptional when considering this artist”s production, given the fact that he generally works in collaboration with Agustina Otero. The sculpture itself is conceived as an alternation of voids and material. The form emerges from an elongated base and rises upwards with a graceful, delicate air, totem-like, with great fineness yet also with a tremendous expressive force. The work was acquired by the City Council of Pamplona to add to its collection of contemporary art and, alongside many others, was part of the exhibition of items from the above mentioned collectionand which took place in Pamplona in 1999.

José María Muruzábal


  • Escultor: Ferrán, Leopoldo
  • Wrought iron
  • Año: 1996
  • Altura: 207 x 22 x 20 cm
  • Temática: Allegory
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 1998


  • Cemetery, crematorium