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Comprising two metal parts, both located over the main door into the Pamplona Court of Justice. The sculpture consists of two smooth, flat steel sheets, on which some geometric figures are fitted, one vertically and the other horizontally. Each sheet is located over one of the door leafs giving access to the building. Both figures are grey in colour and contrast with the red tones of the corten steel sheet. The sculptural reliefs can be perfectly related to the sources of the Basque School of Sculpture, from which José Ramón Anda takes his inspiration, and which also evoke the work of other artists such as Jorge de Oteiza or Néstor Basterretxea.

José María Muruzábal


  • Sculptor: Anda, José Ramón
  • Acero cortén
  • Year: 2002
  • Height: 300 x 220 cm aprox
  • Theme: Allegory
  • Installation/inauguration: 2002


  • Court of Justice. Over the main access door

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