Monument to the Centenary of the Capuchin Province in Navarre, Cantabria and Aragon

Carlos Ciriza gives a symbolic content to this work in oxidised steel which is evocative of the brown colour of the traditional Capuchin cassock. The steel square of the sculpture opens up with an enormous «Tau» a letter of the Greek alphabet in the form of a cross and which is identified with the Franciscan order and, as such, St Francis of Assisi used it as a personal symbol and to sign his documents. The sculptural work of Carlos Ciriza displays a reflection on space and the essential forms, which takes the shape of an abstract and rationalist language, although without completely abandoning figuration. This work shows the play between complementary concepts such as volume and emptiness, dynamics and stability, open and closed forms, objective and conceptual. The year 2000 marked the celebration of the Centenary of the creation of the Capuchin Province of Navarre-Aragon, subsequently extended to include Cantabria. And the above mentioned sculpture was installed as a commemorative monument.

José Javier Azanza


  • Sculptor: Ciriza, Carlos
  • Oxidised steel and concrete
  • Year: 2000
  • Height: 210 x 131 x 50 cm
  • Pedestal: 147 x 79 x 79 cm
  • Theme: Allegorical-religious
  • Installation/inauguration: 30thMay 2000


  • Gardens of the Provincial Curia of the Capuchin Monks in the district of San Pedro

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