Monument to José Joaquín Arazuri

Although the sculpture is centred on the facet of Arazuri as ahistorian of Pamplona, it also pays homage to his work as a doctor,as one who tirelessly visited his patients at home at any timerequired. Born in Vizcaya, Navarre is the adopted home ofsculptor Rafael Huerta who works in bronze, stone, clay andwood to create sculptures of great beauty and expressivity, inwhich technical expertise is effortlessly combined with creativeintentionality. His work is classical in style, but not academic,and is related to the figurative currents. At the beginning of2002, the Official Medical Association of Navarre, with JoséJavier Viñes as mentor, promoted the idea of paying welldeservedhomage to José Joaquín Arazuri, a paediatrician andtireless researcher into the history of Pamplona who had passedaway in November 2000. The initiative progressively gained supportersand a number of cultural institutions joined forces tofund a sculpture in his memory. Inaugurated on 2nd July 2003, hiswidow, Sagrario Irigaray, unveiled the statue in the presence ofthe city mayoress, Yolanda Barcina, and sculptor Rafael Huerta,in a ceremony attended by relatives and friends of the doctorand historian, in addition to prominent personalities from theworld of politics, medicine and culture.

José Javier Azanza


  • Escultor: Huerta Celaya, Rafael
  • Bronze
  • Año: 2002
  • Altura: 173 cm
  • Pedestal: 74 x 76 x 67 cm
  • Temática: Homage (Medical Association)
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 2nd July 2003


  • Paseo del Doctor Arazuri parade

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