Sports circle

According to the author, this sculptural group symbolises a series of values which must always be present in the world of sport, values such as unity, equality, perfection. The five pieces forming the sculptural group are large scale and are crowned with a curved hook. They have been polychrome painted in intense hues, based on the colours of the Olympic flag. This is a figurative work in which the personages are identified solely by their colour, to give communicative attributes, continents, races, etc. A purely abstract work, constructed on the basis of forms, with symbols. His works range from the traditional figurative style to the latest abstract currents. This author pursues the idea of taking traditional forms and abstracting the human figure, in a search for the volume rather than the form.

José María Muruzábal


  • Escultor: Blasco i canet, Josep
  • Hierro lacado
  • Año: 2003
  • Altura: 650 cm
  • Pedestal: 812 cm
  • Temática: Allegory
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 2004


  • University campus

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