Bestiary 2 depicts a type of giant arthropod”s foot, which could also be identified with a reptile”s foot, and which has come off and is lying abandoned on the ground. Bestiary 3 is a truncated pyramid structure with an irregular polygonal base formed by joining some 90 galvanised matte plaques, in the interior of which there is another 8 faced, variable sided, inverted pyramidal structure. The work, as awhole, could conceptually refer to the animal world and symbolise body morphology, where concavity and convexity are closely related. Dora Salazar does not use virgin material for her work, but everyday junk, including scraps from our consumer society. The influences of Duchamp, Calder, Pistoletto, the British Junk Sculpture of the eighties and, above all, Tinguely, are all implicit in her assemblages which are somewhere between surrealist and Dadaist, although not only in her technical procedures, but also in the caustic humour of her work.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur


  • Escultor: Salazar, Dora
  • Galvanised stainless steel sheets. Hollow interior
  • Año: 1990
  • Altura: Bestiario 1: 0/121 x 658 x 20,5/41,5 cm Bestiario 2: 6/95 x 302 cm
  • Temática: Alegoria
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 1991


  • Parque del Mundo park. Gardens of the Psychiatric hospital

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