This is a large scale sculpture, constructed on the basis of a number of circles joined together in different planes. The work has been created in corten steel, a material which the author, Faustino Aizkorbe generally uses. His sculptural work always comes within abstract art, and he is one of the leading sculptors in Navarre to go into these complex aesthetic modes. He enjoys working on geometrizing forms which seek spaces, dynamic and winged forms, floating articulations, as he likes to define many of these forms. The school of San Cernin commissioned the author to create Accompaniment. This was the first school in Pamplona to house a work of art in its grounds. This was subsequently followed by the Cardenal Ilundáin school with a sculpture by Aizkorbe and then the Maristas school with a work by Ciriza.

José María Muruzábal


  • Escultor: Aizkorbe, Faustino
  • Corten steel
  • Año: 1991
  • Altura: 440 x 550 x 440 cm
  • Temática: Allegory
  • Instalación/Ignauguración: 1991


  • School of San Cernin, Avenida de Barañáin avenue

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