This evidently vertical work comprises a raised column with a metal part, similar to the leaves of a palm tree, screwed into the top. The sculpture was created by young Navarre artist Alberto Berástegui, currently resident in Mallorca. The sculptural work is abstract in style, although it evidently holds some minimum figurative references, with a simple yet expressionist composition. Berástegui has used the red hues of steel to give the work a note of colour and contrast. Alberto Berástegui”s works, which are generally created in cut corten steel plate, are inspired in nature whilst, the application of geometry makes them agile, light and volatile. The author was commissioned to create this work which was subsequently installed in its current location by the those responsible for the area development.

José María Muruzábal


  • Sculptor: Berástegui, Alberto
  • Corten steel
  • Year: 2005
  • Height: 490 cm
  • Theme: Allegory
  • Installation/inauguration: 2006


  • Mª Lacarra parade, behind the school of San Cernin