Martínez de Ubago, Manuel

A member of a family-line of architects, Manuel Martínez de Ubago Lizarraga (Pamplona, 1869-Zaragoza, 1928) graduated from the Architectural School in Madrid in 1892. His education gives away signs of a somewhat traditional spirit which is supported by the artistic vision of his professors, subject to the theories of the French architect Viollet-Le-Duc. After finishing his studies, he returned to Pamplona where he practiced his profession until 1907. His architectural work in Pamplona can mainly be found in the Primer Ensanche neighbourhood, with examples dotted around the streets and squares of the historical part of the city, as well as in other Navarre towns. The majority of his works is faithful to the historical and eclectic trends of the time, and shy away from other architectural approaches such as Modernism. In 1907 he moved to Zaragoza where he rose to the position of president of the Architect Association, an organisation in which he actively participated. For the 22 years in which he resided in the Aragon capital, he introduced some 300 projects, which constituted a considerable volume of work, covering a vast range of architectural varieties: detached houses and apartment buildings, institutional and industrial buildings, etc. Considered to be of the most highly-reputable professionals of his generation, his artistic creativity and investigative capacities allowed him to flourish in the diverse typologies and styles around at the time, from Eclecticism to Modernism – in which he is considered to be one of the main founders both in Pamplona and Zaragoza – and Regionalism, even touching upon the field of iron architecture, and a certain proto-rationalism in his final stage. He also participated in the more social approaches of architecture, broaching working class residential issues in his projects.



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