Díaz de Cerio, Alfredo

Alfredo Díaz de Cerio Martínez de Espronceda, Mendavia, 1941-Pamplona, 2008. The interest of this self-taught artist in painting began in 1962. Four years later, he emigrated to Switzerland to work in a chemical company (1966-1967). In sporadic trips to nearby countries, he discovered the painting of Vermeer de Delft, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Kokoschka and the German painting of that time. He also became acquainted with the painter Margarethe Liebau Kornemann, the author of expressionist inks. However, it was the Benedictine father, Kunivert, who organised his first exhibition at the Town Council of Brilon Stadt (1971), putting him in contact with the work of Durero, and who was the first to notice the force of his inner world, shown in his verses and the expressive power of colour. At the end of 1974, he returned to Spain and worked for two years in Zaragoza for a company called Muresa, specialising in ceramic tiling. He was the assistant to sculptor Ángel Orensanz, who instilled in him an interest for structure, voids and the flexion of sculptural forms (zoomorphic modelling in clay). He settled in Pamplona in 1976. In Germany, his subsequent stylistic orientations took shape: post-impressionism with strong tones and cubo-surrealism influenced by Ernst and Klee, in the seventies; surrealism by depicting organic forms in the visionary style of Dalí and Tanguy, metaphysical, Italian-style constructions, strongly abstract expressionism with a mystic-religious significance in the form of bas-relief painting, to which he was even to add metals in the eighties; intense realism already foreseen in his prior metaphysical painting, but now with a clear reference to Antonio López, during the nineties. His creative vitality also led him to inks, water paints, drawings, with an interest in illustrations and poster design. He has published five books of poetry and has obtained numerous accolades in this field (awards «Luis Rosales» and «Vicente Aleixandre»). As a painter, he was awarded gold medals at Rheinfelden (2nd Spanish Art Exhibition, 1972) and Basle (1972). He has made fifty individual exhibitions and an equal number of collective exhibitions in Spain and Central Europe, including the anthological exhibitions of the Museum of Navarra (1994) and the Uno2Tres Gallery (2007) also in Pamplona.


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