Coullaut Valera, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Coullaut Valera (Marchena, Sevilla, 1876-Madrid, 1932) was the son of French engineer, Louis Alfred Coullaut Boudeville, who settled in this Andalusian town, during the construction of the Mamedra railway bridge. He spent his youth in France, studying engineering in Nantes. On his return to Spain in 1893, he was attracted to sculpture, and initially trained at the workshop of the Sevillian sculptor Antonio Susillo. Following the death of his master in 1896, he went to Madrid, where he was taught by Agustín Querol. He also counted on the support of his Cordoba-born uncle, Juan Valera, one of the great Spanish 20th century writers. Lorenzo made a bust of him, which he presented at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts of 1897, awarded an Honorary Medal. Coullaut Valera became one of the most representative Spanish sculptors of the reign of Alfonso XIII, as supported by the countless awards and prizes he obtained in the National Exhibitions of Fine Arts. He also took part in the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929, whilst, for the Latin American Exhibition in Sevilla, in that same year, he created a number of the «victorias» for the columns of the Plaza de América square in Sevilla. Although he specialised in public monuments, his talent allowed him to cover all sculptural genres, ranging from relief portraits, to religious imagery and funeral sculpture. He was also an excellent cartoonist and collaborated with the Illustración Española y Americana and in Blanco y Negro, amongst other publications. In addition to a number of works in different museums and collections, Lorenzo Coullaut Valera has an extensive number of works in the field of public sculpture, with monuments in a number of Spanish and Latin American cities.


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