Ciriza, Carlos

Jesús Carlos Ciriza Vega, «Carlos Ciriza», Estella, 1964 is a self-taught artist. Leaving aside his painting work, which unceasingly evolved from 1985 onwards, his sculptural work shows an adherence to his rural origins, with two influences: the family sawmill which he identifies with wood, iron, tooling and the techniques used to work these materials, and the agricultural field with its traditional tools, from which he obtained fragments of mechanisms that could be converted into a work of art through a symbolic use which would eventually lead him to sculpture-painting. Later on, he was to adopt two sculptural modes – a Chillida-style rationalist mode with impressive forms, and another aerial, more engineering approach, choosing the former to incorporate into his painting as a theme. At present, Ciriza”s sculpture is focussed on schematic cubism, completely contradictory to the rounded and brilliant Brancusian style, with connections with the ideas of Julio González, Martín Chirino and Henri Moore. He has specialised in the installation of large-format corten steel sculptures for public and private spaces, seeking to integrate the urban and natural surroundings into architecture. Here we would cite “Lugar de pensamientos” (1997), on the campus of the Public University of Navarra, in Pamplona, “Stella” (2001), in Estella, and “Basajaun” (2001), in Sumbilla. He has also erected works in Germany, Austria, Canada, Slovenia, France, Japan, etc. He has exhibits in the Museum of Navarra, the National Heritage, the Parliament of Navarra, the City Council of Pamplona, the University of Navarra, Caja Navarra and a number of banking entities, including the Merrill Lynch Bank in New York. Individual exhibitions: Conde Rodezno Gallery, CAMP, Pamplona (1984); Nantes, France (1987); Helene Rooryck Gallery, Pamplona (1995); Museum Gustavo de Maeztu (Estella), Historisches Rathaus, Paderborn, Germany (2000); Factoría Pablo del Barco, Sevilla; Siglo XXI Room, Museum of Huelva; Juan Bravo, CAN, Madrid (2001); Open Air Exhibition, Bordeaux (France), and the Velázquez Gallery, Valladolid, 2002; Open Air Exhibit Yamaguchi Park, Pamplona; Arco de Santa María, Burgos; Sala 0 del Boulevard Gallery, San Sebastián (2003); Lille (France); Gante (Belgium); Carlos Ciriza Gallery, Pamplona (2004); Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid (2005); and Ambrogi Castanier Gallery of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California (2007). He was awarded the First Prize for Sculpture at the Plastic Arts Contest for Young Artists (Government of Navarra, 1986) and the Vermeil Medal and Diploma (Société Académique des Arts, Sciences et Lettres de Paris, 2003).


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