Carretero, Eduardo

Carretero, Eduardo

Considered to be one of the best sculptors of the 20th century, Eduardo Carretero (Granada, 1920) commenced his artistic training in his birth town. In 1946 he was granted a scholarship by the City Council, and he was also awarded a prize by the University of Granada at the contest held for the sculptural decoration of the Colegio Mayor de Isabel la Católica, and he also took part in the 1st Latin American Art Biennial in 1941. At a later date, he exhibited his work at the Ateneo de Madrid, and exhibited in 1955 at the Sala Tau Hall in that city. The sculptor followed in the steps of his friend, the painter Antonio Rodríguez Valdivieso and settled in Madrid, where he established a close relationship with other Granada-born artists, namely José Guerrero, Manuel Rivera, Bernardo Olmedo and with Jorge Oteiza from Guipuzcoa. At the same time, he began to receive commissions for architectural sculpture, a field in which he has progressively left his most significant works and which led him to collaborate with architects of the time, such as José Tamés, Fernando Cavestany, and Pamplona-born Miguel Gortari in the parish church of San Francisco Javier in Pamplona. During the final stage of his extensive professional career, Carretero settled in the Madrid district of Chinchón, just a few kilometres away from the quarries of Colmenar, the source of the material for his sculptures. His sculptural work can be found in a number of Spanish towns and cities, whilst his works are also held in well-known private collections. Amongst his prizes and distinctions, mention should be made of the Medal of Honour 2004, granted to Eduardo Carretero by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Granada, where he was elected as Honorary Scholar in 2009.


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