Blasco i canet, Josep

Josep Blasco i Canet was born in Llutxent (Valencia), on the 25th October 1943. He took his initial steps in modelling through the sculptor, José López Català, and later went on to broaden his training at the School of Arts and Crafts of Valencia, under the supervision of Valencia-born sculptor Vicente Beltrán Grimal. He graduated in Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture, at the School of San Carlos, also in Valencia (1962-1967), where he coincided with artists Castejón, Armengol, Boix, Peris and Miquel Navarro. In 1967 he moved to Pamplona, where he was a key figure in the educational world, as Director of the Teacher Training College (1990-92), associate professor of Plastic Expression at the Public University of Navarra and Vice-rector of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the said University. He has also been the Cultural Co-ordinator of the Public University of Navarra, and the Director of the Carlos III Cultural Hall, coming under the university itself. In turn, he combines his teaching with his artistic work, which is primarily focussed on public sculpture. An artist dedicated to sculpture, but also to painting, José Blasco i Canet has taken part in a number of exhibitions held in towns and cities in Navarra and La Rioja, as well as in France. His work is represented at the Public University of Navarra (Círculo de los Deportes, 2003), and also decorates a number of doorways and gardens in Pamplona.


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