Alcalde, Javier

A sculptor and designer born in Cataluña in 1962. After graduating in Fine Arts in his birthplace in Barcelona, he soon became centred on sculpture. He is not an artist given to public appearances in exhibitions and similar events, and therefore this aspect of his curriculum is practically blank. It has been difficult to keep track of him over the last few years, at least as far as public sculpture is concerned. His style has basically moved in a figurative line. At the end of the eighties, together with a number of architects, he worked in Navarra on decorative sculptures for fountains. At that time, the Pamplona Water Board, with the support of a number of councils, put much effort into promoting artwork through the construction of fountains. It has been possible to follow the trail of around one and a half dozen of these works of art. In Pamplona, he worked with Edurne Iriarte on a fountain for the Antoniutti Park, but which was finally located in the district of Ermitagaña and which is included in this guide. Another of his sculptures is to be found in Navarra, adorning a fountain in the village of Ibero. The fountain was designed by José Joaquín Roncal, and decorated by Javier Alcalde with a faun carved in relief.


Sources of information:

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