Sonority series

This sculpture combines different materials such as polychrome painted wood, glass and iron. The work is constructed with a large wooden prismatic beam, polychrome painted on several faces in red and blue. The centre is hollow and contains a glass ball. The upper part of the wood is joined to the lower part via a series of steel strings or ropes which progressively secure the wood at different heights. These metal strings are tremendously reminiscent of the typology of some musical instruments. Alberto Orella has always been an artist with his own innermost world, an artist who deeply meditates on his work. One of his key obsessions has always been sonority in the world of art and in sculpture in particular. The work on show in the Arms Room is in fact part of a series of works created in the nineties and named the sonority series, comprising sculptures of musical pipes, parts with taught steel strings, spaces for sounds, sculpture painted with colours which aim to promotemusicality, and so on. The sonority of music, movement and colour were progressively added, one to another, and combined in a number of ways. To do so, he ended up working with a range of materials such as wood, steel, plates, glass, tubes, etc, combining them all in a variety of forms and ways. Many of these works went on show to the public at the exhibition held at the Mixed Pavilions of the Citadel, then run by the CAMP (municipal savings bank), between the months of September and October 1993, and the said work was subsequently acquired.

José María Muruzabal