Greek athlete

A sculpture created in corten steel by artist Pablo Juarros, from Huarte (Navarre). It is an abstract work which aims to portray the strength and tension contained within an athlete just before the start of a race. The work is anchored to the ground by a simple iron plate. The forms of the sculpture are extremely stylised and schematised, shunning simple anatomical references. In formal terms, the work exhibits a great simplicity of composition. Pablo Juarros started his artistic education at the workshop of Patxi Buldáin, before going on to Arteleku in San Sebastian. Pablo is an ever-investigating artist, continually seeking new approaches, yet obliged to combine his creative work with other jobs. His work is an ongoing investigation into nonrigid forms, with emphasis on curves, seeking twisted shapeswhich invite the beholder to travel along them, to go into the spaces. His principal obsession appears to be with movement, the dynamism contained within sculpture. The Greek Athlete by Juarros was the winner of the first sculpture award for the «Sport in Arts» contest convened by the Pamplona City Council in 1991, within the framework of the sports events for 1992, with the Barcelona Olympics. The winning sculpture and painting were acquired by the Pamplona City Council to be included in its collection of art, and the sculpture was located in the Citadel gardens.

José María Muruzabal