This present work, created in white enamelled, moulded aluminium, is based on a paella dish or a large flat pan, positioned vertically. Part of this object can be clearly seen, whilst the other part twists and curls around itself, and even loses itself in the void. The pan"s handles stand out in particular, being perfectly defined and visible and are located on the side of the work. The artist uses aluminium, brushing to one side other materials which are more widely used in public sculptures, such as bronze or corten steel. The concept of flight refers to leaving, to fleeing; and this is precisely what the figure of the paella appears to be doing. It is the space contained within this paella dish that ends up trying to flee the container, looking for escape routes, which, furthermore, do not correspond to straight lines, but display a curvilinear movement. The author is interested in highlighting the space within an everyday object, by taking it away from its function. The sculptural work shows a clear sense of irony, present in some works by Muro. Irony due to the fact that a paella dish wants to escape, to the material used to create the work and to the fact that he uses a paella dish which is an ordinary,commonplace object, far-removed from the world of art. This conceptual work takes its inspiration from futuristic works, such as the style adopted by Boccioni, turning down noble materials, in preference for other, more novel materials, and showing the interaction of an object in movement with the surrounding space, centred on the contemporary world, a world that is dynamic, innovative and in constant evolution and movement.

José María Muruzábal