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This sculpture by Imanol Aguirre comprises a lower body of rough marble, larger in size than the actual sculpture, on which a geometric form is mounted. This abstract figure is simple and with an irregular structure. Imanol Aguirre and his works, are associated with the Aia Workshop, located in the municipality of Aia in Guipuzcoa. This workshop was created in 1977 for the purpose of recoveringand disseminating Basque culture in the field of arts. Its organisers were Reinaldo López and Xabier Laka, and their aim was to create a place for artistic training and work with stone. This initial group progressively increased with the arrival of new sculptors: Imanol Aguirre (in 1979), Joxe Ezenarro and others. There are currently a number of artists at the workshop, including Miguel Etxeberria, Amaia Zinkunegi, Jesús Sarasua, Ander Hormazuri amongst others. In 1983 an exhibition by the Aia Workshop sculptors was held at the Citadel exhibition rooms, with the participation of 12 artists including Reinaldo López, Iñaki Saralegui, Xabier Laka, Koldo Merino and Imanol Aguirre. At the request of the CAMP Exhibition Room organiser, Aguirre carved a sculpture at the exhibition itself and this was then put on show outside the Mixed Pavilions, being the work that can now be admired today.

José María Muruzabal