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Monumento a Juan Pablo II. Imagen general de la escultura.
Monumento a Juan Pablo II. Vista frontal.Monumento a Juan Pablo II. Vista en escorzo.

This classical-style figurative bronze statute stands three metres high and weighs 975 kilos. It is located on the roundabout between Monte Monjardin and the Juan Pablo II Avenue, next to the "Club de Tenis" sports centre, a site chosen by the council of Pamplona, within the framework of its cultural collaboration with the city of Torun. A bronze sculpture promoted by the Archbishop of Pamplona in honour of Pope John Paul II, who passed away in the Vatican on the 2nd April 2005. He was the first pontiff to visit Navarra, on the 6th November 1982. The initiative originated from the Polish City of Torun, which has a joint candidacy with Pamplona for the European Capital of Culture in 2016, resulting in closer relations and a series of cultural exchange schemes between both city councils. It was the City Council of Torun who requested the Pamplona City Council to provide a site in Pamplona for the location of a sculpture similar to the one already held by this Polish city, in homage to this Polish-born Pope, a request which received the support of he archbishoprics of Pamplona and Torun. The author of this sculpture is Polish artist Stanislaw Radwanski, a former teacher at the Fine Arts academy of Gdansk, Poland, and who made the original model for the statue located in Torun.

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Monument to John Paul II

Stanislaw Radwanski, 2010


Figure: 350 cm.

Weight: 975 Kg.

Subject area: Historical.

Installation (inauguration) 17th October 2010. Location: Roundabout between the Monte Monjardín street and Juan Pablo II avenue, next to the "Club de Tenis" sports centre.