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The work in bronze is raised high on a stone pedestal, and portrays a Jai Alai player making a movement termed backhand rebounding, using the wicker basket to hit the ball after it has rebounded off the rear wall of the court. There is considerable technical difficulty involved in creating this work, which displays balance and harmonious compensation of volumes. As is customary in the production of this Vizcaya-born sculptor, although he remains true to reality and there is an evident influence of classicism, the work displays a contemporary reduction of forms, in which attention to the composition and to the rhythm of the figure are essential, as is his command of the casting technique. In April 1990, the Navarre Government Department of Public Works commissioned the Vizcaya-born sculptor Rafael Huerta to create a sculpture to decorate the N-111, one of the access roads into the city of Pamplona. For two decades now, the Government of Navarre has shown an interest in acquiring sculptures by different artists to decorate the access roads into the towns and cities of Navarre.

José Javier Azanza

Pluriescultor II de Paco PolánBtn siguiente desactivado
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Backhand rebounding

Rafael Huerta, 1990

Bronze. Stone pedestal.

Sculpture: 272 cm. Pedestal: 154 x 112 x157 cm.



Installation: October 1990. National Road 111. Avenida de Aróstegui Avenue.