Argi, izpia eta oreka. Imagen 1.
Argi, izpia eta oreka. Imagen 2.

This sculpture, which comes within geometric abstraction, undoubtedly reflects the thought process of its creator, José Ramón Anda, whose work involves taking geometric figures such as the cube to create carvings. In this work entitled A point of light in balance he has sought volumes, cavities, movement, light. The work is evidently the development of a creative process, an intellectual pursuit by the sculptor himself which finalises in this three dimensional shape. A work which also seeks to interact with the spectator, who can walk around the work, rotate the sculpture, observe the roughness of the material, the fine pitted surface worked by the artist, and the changing projections of light emerging from it.

José María Muruzábal

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Public University of Navarre


Argi, Iztia eta oreka. A point of light in balance.

José Ramón Anda, 2003

Angola Granite.

Sculpture: 113 x 113 x 289 cm.


Installation: 2003. University campus.