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Alfredo Sada is part of a group of sculptors who base their work on organic, plant-inspired elements, although in this case public monuments are also understood to be urban furniture, since the author conceived this sculpture as a fountain. This is a work which corresponds to a period in which the author successfully used lead to coat his works, patinating them in a number of different ways, a process which he progressively developed from 1988 until his death in 1992. The series revolves around human figures, fauna, flora, archaeological findings and also a group of independent sculptures. The workentitled Pineapple pertains to the series of sculptures inspired in the plant world, almost completely centred on variations on the palm tree. It was installed at this site in response to a proposal made by the architect and town planner Francisco Mangado, and the building company constructing this district, in order to decorate the space.

José María Muruzábal

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Alfredo Sada, 1991

White Murcia marble.

Sculpture: 250 cm. Diameter: 160 cm.

Installation: 1991. Parque del lago de Mendillorri (Mendillori lake park), opposite the fortified palace.

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