Formas. Vista de detalle.
Formas. Vista general de la escultura.

The work was constructed with some prismatic bars, which are progressively joined together, one to another. The sculpture develops some geometric forms based on interlaced rectangles. This is an abstract work, and one of the oldest to be installed in Pamplona. Félix Ortega Martínez received his artistic education in Paris and Madrid and then went on to study in Alzuza, under Jorge Oteiza, to further investigate the geometric tradition. Geometric abstraction is one of the customary forms of abstract art, based on the use of simple geometric forms combined in subjective compositions on more or less unreal spaces. It arose as a reaction against the excessive subjectivity of plastic artists in earlier periods, in an attempt to move away from the purely emotional and come up with pure,aseptic forms. Félix became part of this artistic current, which always gives priority to order over sensorial perception, and corresponds to a style of art which is intellectual, structural, rectilinear, austere, serene and ordered, as reflected in his sculptural works and paintings.

José María Muruzábal

Niños de Marino AmayaBtn siguiente desactivado
The route

Chantrea and Orvina



Félix Ortega, 1989


Sculpture: 330 x 400 x 250 cm.


Installation: 1989. Orvina, viewpoint.