Papa Pío XII. Imagen 1.
Papa Pío XII. Imagen 2.

As part of a family saga of professional sculptors, Bilbao-born artist José Larrea Echániz is an exponent of traditional style work characterised by a thorough knowledge of classical models and a command of all the resources of his trade. From his family workshop, José Larrea has created the majority of the public, religious and funeral sculptures in Vizcaya displaying a good formal figurative style, and following academic rules at all times. Installed in a private plot of land in the market gardens of Aranzadi, this sculpture portrays Pius XII, the 260th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

José Javier Azanza

Homenaje a Juan de Anchieta de José Ramón AndaBtn siguiente desactivado
The route

Market gardens of Aranzadi and the Magdalena


Pope Pius XII

José Larrea Echániz, 1960


Figure: 187 cm. Sculptural group: 66 x 75 x 50 cm.


Installation (unveiling): 8th June 1960. Market gardens of Aranzadi.