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Monumento al Padre Esteban de Adoáin

Capuchin monk, José María de Vera, sculpted this monument in stone, in honour of father Esteban de Adoáin. Having received his artistic training in Barcelona, where he dedicated himself to teaching and to sculpture and painting, the work of José María was fundamentally based on religious themes. A total of eighty sculptures in wood, stone, alabaster and marble make up the extensive production of this reliable artist and stone mason.

José Javier Azanza

Monumento al Padre Esteban de Adoáin de José UlibarrenaMonumento al Centenario de la Provincia Capuchina en Navarra, Cantabria y Aragón
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Rochapea and San Pedro


Monument to Father Esteban de Adoáin

José María de Vera, 1947


Figure: 171 cm.


Installation (unveiling): 2nd October 1947. Gardens of the Provincial Curia of the Capuchin Monks in the district of San Pedro.