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This geometric abstract work is positioned directly on the ground. In terms of form, it is composed of two disc-like structures, which fit into each other through the open part of the circles. This sculpture can be placed in the early work of sculptor Alfredo Sada, in the early eighties. In this work, he explores the different possibilities offered by elementary forms, experimenting with the multiple variations raised by the use of Alicante stone, which gives the sculpture a porous, rough, primitive appearance, bringing to mind the ancient, traditional stelae in Spain. Sada works abstract, geometric forms, with the circle being his preferred motif around which much of his production revolves.

José María Muruzábal

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Yamaguchi and hospitals



Alfredo Sada, 1985

Alicante Stone.

Sculpture: 40 x 40 cm.

Theme: Allegory.

Installation: 1988. Hospital of Navarre, gardens next to the main entrance.

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