Monumento a Nicasio Landa. Vista de detalle escultura.
Monumento a Nicasio Landa. Vista general de la escultura.

This Navarre doctor and humanist is portrayed dressed in his doctor"s gown, with his hands resting on an open book, thereby symbolising his double facet as a doctor, and writer and intellectual. Rafael Huerta has created a realistic work, with every attention to detail. Despite the fact that it is evidently a classic design, the sculpture displays a contemporary reduction and refinement of forms. Huerta once again demonstrates his undeniable knowledge of drawing and forms and his expertise in bronze modelling, characteristics which all define his creations. In April 1999, at the initiative of doctor José Javier Viñes Rueda, homage was paid to doctor Nicasio Landa, by unveiling this monument.

José Javier Azanza

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Monument to Nicasio Landa

Rafael Huerta, 1999

Marble and bronze.

Bust: 91 x 81 x 57 cm. Pedestal: 147 x 92 x69 cm.

Theme: Homage (Medical Association).

Installation (unveiling): 24th April 1999. Gardens of the Hospital of Navarre.