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Conmemoración del Tour 96. Imagen 1.
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The sculpture represents the figure of a cyclist on a bike created with synthetic and schematic forms. The figure of the cyclist appears to be lightweight, and is executed with rounded lines. The work is mounted on a cement base, slightly slanting downwards, so that the cyclist appears to be going downhill. The ensemble is installed at the place at which one of the stages of the Tour de France ended and it was erected to commemorate the arrival of this world famous cycling race at Pamplona in 1996. This was the period in which Miguel Induráin, born in Villava (Navarre) dominated the race with five consecutive victories.

José María Muruzábal

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Yamaguchi and hospitals


Commemoration of the 96 Tour

Ángel Espinosa and Miguel Sacristán, 1997

Steel and concrete.

Figure: 60 x 99 x 120 cm. Pedestal: 200 x 185x 8 cm.


Installation: 1997. Avenida de Pío XII, nº 35-37 avenue.