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This present sculpture, created in copper, emerges as a guidefrom the actual façade of a modern housing block located inthe Mendebaldea square. It is a pilaster which was conceived toemphasise one of the principal entrances to the square. Theauthor, Antoni Roselló, presents a wide range of projects forurban elements, furniture, special projects and sculptures createdat his studio or in association with other designers and architects.He endeavours to seek contrasts, reflections and how tocomplement different arts and design elements.

José María Muruzábal

Monumento a San Francisco Javier de Faustino AizkorbeConmemoración del Tour 96 de Angel Espinosa y Miguel Sacristán
The route

Yamaguchi and hospitals


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Antoni Roselló Til, 1992


1700 x 300 x 70 cm.


Installation: 1992. Plaza de Mendebaldea square, next to the park of Yamaguchi