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This present work of sculpture symbolises the twinning of Pamplona and the Japanese city of Yamaguchi and serves as a guide to the panorama of the park. Concha cilveti is, above all, a potter who has particularly endeavoured to explore the possibilities of pottery and situate it, like any other discipline, in a language of artistic expression. Introspective and oneiric, the creator of an outstanding work which always contains nuances, in which the image of roundness comes to the surface. In her creations, she claims she favours contrasts, the beauty of black and white, the sobriety of colour, an overflowing imagination and different textures.

José María Muruzábal

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Yamaguchi and hospitals


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Concha Cilveti, 1997

Engraving on stone and pottery plates on wooden logs.

200 x100 cm.


Installation: 1997. Parque de Yamaguchi park on the lake.